AGH - University of science and technology, Cracow

University of science and technology is one of the biggest and best technical universities in the country. Founded in 1919 asthe Mining Academy, the school currently educates more than 30,000 students, employing at the same time more than 2,000 scientific workers. The university is known for its excellent relations with industry, and extensive research programsconducted jointly with national and foreign scientific centers.

Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials

Center specializes in research and development on technology of ceramics, glass and building materials. Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials has the equipment corresponding to the latest standards, enabling participation in many research projects and development, together with research centers and industry.Center is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation.

Górażdże Group

The national leader in cement manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. Górażdże Group is owned by an international group Heidelberg Cement, the fourth largest cement producer in the world, operating in 40 countries. In Poland, the Group includes Górażdże cement plant, several Concrete plants, and 50 other facilities including 14 mines of aggregates.

Ożarów Group

The company is a part of an international group CRH, based in Ireland, situated among the largest producers of construction materials in the world, owning production sites in 25 countries worldwide. In Poland, the Group includes Ożarów cement plant, Rejowiec cement plant, Trzuskawica Lime Plant, concrete plants and raw material mines.

Małogoszcz Cement

Małogoszcz cement plant is equipped with three lines that produce clinker ,and four lines for the manufacture of cement. Małogoszcz cement plant is a part of French group Lafarge, which was founded in 1833, the largest cement producer in the world.

 W.R. Grace

American conglomerate specializing in chemical products. Holds division dealing with admixtures for cement and concrete - Grace Construction Products. A wide range of products includes concrete admixtures and fibers, products for architectural concrete, cement processing additives, products for light and heavy pre-cast concrete, structural systems, waterproof and fire retardant products.

Atlas Group

Polish construction materials company operating in the building materials market. One of the most recognized Polish brands, has 13 manufacturing plants and five mines of mineral raw materials.

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