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Eurocement Consulting Group ltd. (ECG) is a Cracow-based company concentrated on technical, engineering and trade consulting. Operating range includes many other activities, mostly research and analysis. It is achievable due to participation of highly skilled specialists, mainly from AGH-UST (University of science and technology located in Cracow). The firm is focused on the cooperation with binding materials industry, and its most significant partners re cement plants, concrete facilities and gypsum factories. Moreover, ECG cooperates in terms of widely understood raw material and waste management, including geological research and documentation, as well as problems connected with planning of quarrying and operation of minerals and their processing. A significant factor of advanced material management is rational utilization of industrial by-products. Thanks to cooperation with power industry and Polish Union of Coal Combustion Products (Unia UPS), ECG has a significant input in designing power plant’s waste application in building industry and materials industry.
The most important ECG activities include: taking part in technical and trade contacts between building materials industry and companies offering their products and services for it.
Ph. D. Wojciech Roszczynialski is the chairman of Eurocement Consulting Group ltd. since its foundation in 1995. He is an author of 100 scientific publications and holds over 20 patents concerning binding materials technology.

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